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Behind the Scenes

Katia Kieling punches Tess Hunt while David Chase observes. Director Mauro Blanco filming the scene.

Director Mauro Blanco and actor Phil Miler.

Katia Kieling and David Chase.

Fight choreographer Reildo Souza and director Mauro Blanco.

Katia Kieling and David Chase being filmed by director Mauro Blanco.

Caroline Darrieux, Phil Miler, Ana Ligia Galvão, Francisco Silva with the camera, director Mauro Blanco and Katia Kieling.


Director Mauro Blanco, actresses Marlyn Françoise and Katia Kieling and VFX dude... Francisco Silva.

Director Mauro Blanco checking the shots with actress Arye Campos.

Francisco Silva on camera shooting Adriano Schneider, Anselmo Martini, Marcelo Brito, Reildo Souza, Caroline Darrieux and Mauro Santos.

Mauro Santos, Katia Kieling and director Mauro Blanco.

Actresses Katia Kieling and Zoe Peter with director Mauro Blanco.

Script supervisor and, for this scene, makeup artist Kelly Peter, mother of Zoe Peter, who is not happy about the makeup and director Mauro Blanco.

Katia Kieling, Mauro Blanco, Matthew Ian Jones, Raquel Urey and Jason Blank.

Australian  actor Anthony Wemyss in a scene at the Santa Monica Pier.

Katia Kieling and actor / stunt coordinator Chris Melody.

Director Mauro Blanco on set wondering when the coffee will be ready.

Actress Giselle Pekelman having too much fun hoding an AR-15.

VFX extraordinaire Francisco Silva, Katia Kieling and Anselmo Martini.

Mauro Blanco, Katia Kieling and Nicholas Cirone.

Mauro Blanco and Katia Kieling.

Actresses Katia Kieling and Arye Campos.

Katia Kieling trying to be funny with chocolate on her teeth.

Mauro Blanco checking Katia Kieling's blood make up.

Actress Elena Talan looking cool with a gun.

Inga Van Ardenn, Chris Melody and Reildo Souza showing Mauro Blanco and Katia Kieling the fight choreography.

Elena Talan coaching Katia Kieling how to speak Russian.

Katia Kieling taking naps between takes.

Zoe Peter wondering when the shoot will be done so she can have chocolate.

Katia Kieling, Ana Ligia Galvão and director Mauro Blanco.

Fight choreographer Reildo Souza and actress Ana Ligia Galvão.

Katia Kieling, Zoe Peter and director Mauro Blanco.

Katia Kieling completely passed out in the studio.

Mauro Santos and Katia Kieling.

Adriano Schneider ready for his close-up, while director Mauro Blanco, Marcelo Brito and Francisco Silva set up the shot.

Christopher Pratt, Nicholas Cirone, Demian Veiga Cabral and a visitor on set.

Actress Katia Kieling stands tall on location. Point Dume, Malibu, California.

Set Designer Caroline Darrieux.

Katia Kieling and David Chase on location. Santa Monica, California.

Actor Dean Walden looking cool while waiting for his shot.

Actor John McQuilkin and director Mauro Blanco.

Nicholas Cirone and Katia Kieling.

Katia Kieling laughing at someone.

Francisco Silva and Katia Kieling.

Adriano Schneider saving the day fixing the casket. The lid had broken off.

Actress Tess Hunt and Elena Talan on location. Beverly Hills, CA.

Actress and Takewon-Do world champion Inga Van Ardenn kicking Katia Kieling's butt.

Francisco Silva ponders about the meaning of life while Katia Kieling and Inga Van Ardenn discuss their fight scene.

Adriano Schneider saving the production fixing the lid of the casket and Caroline Darrieux waiting for him to finish.

Set Designer Caroline Darrieux has many great ideas, as usual, and can't decide on which one.

Actress Elena Talan kicking back before the shoot and always ready for her close-up.

Katia Kielin upset because she wanted a later call time.

Elena Talan said she would shoot Katia Kieling if the call time changed to a later time because of her.

Reildo Souza working on the fight scene with Katia Kieling.

Mauro Santos eating a snack while Marcelo Brito can't wait to start shooting.

Stunt coordinator / actor Chris Melody holds actress Arye Campos in an arm lock to show Katia Kieling how it's done.  

Actress and Taekwon-Do world champion Inga Van Ardenn is happy to be part of this productions. Diretor Mauro Blanco is happy about that, he doesn't want to get his butt kicked by her.

Actors Anthony Wemyss and Katia Kieling run lines for their scene at the Santa Monica Pier.

Katia Kieling distancing herself from everyone and getting in touch with nature. On location at Corral Canyon, Malibu, California.

Chris Melody and Arye Campos.

Chris Melody and Arye Campos.

Elena Talan and Katia Kieling.

Elena Talan looking cute with the prop gun.

Actor Justin Simpson.

Set Designer Caroline Darrieux decorating a casket.

On location... Point Dume, Malibu, California.

Marcelo Brito, Mauro Santos and Chris Melody having fun on location. Corral Canyon, Malibu, California.

Katia Kieling and Marcelo Brito.

Francisco Silva on location.  Palos Verdes, California.

Katia Kieling and Caroline Darrieux.